Famous Vitiligo Experts
The first person in China to cure vitiligo

Dr.Cheng Aihua

President / famous vitiligo expertResearcher, graduated from Beijing University of traditional Chinese medicine, now president of China Clinical Hospital of vitiligo, President of Beijing Huahai century vitiligo medical research institute, President of Huahai vitiligo hospital ...

Areas Of Expertise
26 years of research and treatment of vitiligo

Vitiligo is a kind of melanin loss disease, which directly affects people's appearance and physical and mental health. It has a devastating impact on patients' learning, employment, marriage, family, social activities and so on. It is called "immortal cancer".

In the face of "immortal cancer", in 1994, researcher Cheng Aihua also resolutely embarked on the difficult road of purpura treatment.

In 1996, researcher Cheng Aihua creatively put forward the new theory of "treating vitiligo with black and white, treating vitiligo with black and white", and invented the new technology of "treating vitiligo with black and white", which has the advantages of quick effect, short course of treatment, high cure rate, etc No matter the size of leukoplakia, the length of history and the age of patients, the technique can effectively cure. This technology has been used in clinic for more than 20 years, with repeatability and stability, and has successfully cured tens of thousands of patients, completely subdued the "immortal cancer" of vitiligo, and brought laughter to tens of thousands of families.

Achievements in scientific research
Rewrite the incurable history of vitiligo

President Cheng Aihua is one of the vitiligo research experts with the highest level of scientific research projects and the most achievements in the same industry in China. He has successively undertaken more than 20 national and provincial scientific research projects, such as the high-tech torch program of the Ministry of science and technology of the people's Republic of China, the science and technology research program of Shandong Province, etc. Many achievements won the national and provincial science and technology progress awards, and won the national patent and intangible cultural heritage protection.

President Cheng Aihua has published 16 Monographs on vitiligo medicine and more than 300 academic papers, which has aroused great repercussions in the same industry at home and abroad. Since 2000, President Cheng Aihua has been invited by more than ten national scientific research institutions and medical institutions to give lectures and visit doctors.

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