Huahai vitiligo hospital


Huahai Vitiligo Hospital is an international professional organization for vitiligo, which integrate developing technology, producing reagent, special preparation of medical treatment, global service and distinct characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine.It is based on Chinese medicine scientific research and teaching of domestic famous universities, it’s a cooperation agency devoting itself to promoting TCM around Bohai Sea area. 

Huahai Vitiligo Hospital has undertaken the high-tech TORCH program established by the national science and technology department, it is the only project what is under government departments leading, be promoted to the whole country of new technology to benefit vitiligo patients since 60 years ago. The hospital awarded awarded the national excellent TCM institutions offered by the national health ministry.The ministry awarded the hospital the national credit self-discipline advanced unit, the best personnel selected projects overseas unit. The hospital is awarded the National intangible cultural heritage protection project unit, and in the organizing committee of China 2010 brand awarded the most competitive brand unit.

The hospital technology center was founded in 1992, and began to take on the government research of vitiligo with 20 years history.Huahai is creating a technical research and development team composed of professors and researchers, the hospital has the largest vitiligo researching laboratory, completely department, and the sophisticated equipment. In recent years, we keep on making progress of science and technology, publish over 300  domestic professional academic papers, publish "the vitiligo theory", "the vitiligo treatment study" and so on monographs.

Huahai Vitiligo Hospital is aimed at building the best vitiligo medical center in the world, and the Chinese vitiligo treatment with] an aircraft carrier. Serving patients wholeheartedly is the purpose of the hospital. To conquer white spot,  with exquisite technology, sincere service for pursuit, scientific planning, continuous innovation, for many patients with vitiligo,Huahai has won widespread praise and the high praise.

As for the first time in the world the hospital put forward concerning the three governance theory of vitiligo. Formed a cure for the center is unique theory and treatment system, patented technology partners, black and white, make black element cells regeneration melanin rebooting, mother black element cell activating, balance and regulate and circulation detoxification, and other nine big technology, eliminate the etiology, control in development, the pigment regeneration different have made a great breakthrough, no matter size, length of fixed number of year of patients with age, height, can get the best treatment. This series of the clinical application of technology, say goodbye to the vitiligo incurable history, to open a new section of a journey into the future!

Huahai great boasts the largest vitiligo preparations center, can produce oral liquid, granules, capsule pharmaceutical, drop pill agent, pills, ointment, tincture and so on many kinds of dosage form. Standardization, streamline, intelligent design to ensure that the general patients of potions supply and the use of drug safety and effective.

Huahai covers an area of nearly 30000 square meters, the environment is graceful and climate being suitable. Have expert outpatient service, children outpatient service, the characteristic therapy clinic. According to different parts of the face , sibling, human body limb vitiligo treatment of different combinations.

As the inpatient department facilities are complete, first-class service. Huahai has the most advanced treatment equipment in the world, and actively carry out free try to cure, zero risk commitment activities, especially for patients with large ill area and long medical history, the special site difficult patients, can all get make patients very satisfactory curative effect. In treatment, huahai always adhere to the combination of integrity and dynamic, because when treatment, according to the design information, standardization system, personalized, treatment of dynamic plan to carry out the work mode.

Based on reality, look to the future, solve the problem, the scientific development, clinical curative effect of leading domestic level, cured patients from the USA, UK, etc in more than 100 countries and regions, and has become a higher profile characteristic brand of healing vitiligo in the nation and the world.

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