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  • 11Ten years of vitiligo, six months be cured

    Li guo sheng, a boy from Gan Su province, located in northwest of China.When he was 12 years old,he has vitiligo on face.And then,he went to many hospitals all parts of the country,cost all the money,but his disease was not only controlled but also developed to all the body.He became a "white man".


  • 8 years of vitiligo is cured in 2 course of treatment

    On June 2, 2012, a 14-year-old boy whose father had died at the age of seven and whose family was so poor that he could not even put a window in it, walked in front of 100 million people in Shandong province.He is Zaozhuang Shanting District Beizhuang town Banhu village vitiligo patients Niu Chuanming. chuanming face suffered from severe vitiligo, mental depression, but when the Shandong life channel "life help" reporter asked his biggest wish, the grateful child is not concerned about their own disease, but hope to grow up by their own mother to live in the best house, for a time moved Qilu earth.Disease ruthless people love, love hospital Huahai vitiligo hospital for Niu Chuanming provided rescue treatment.

    Niu Chuanming

  • Girl with Vitiligo Song Tianjiao

    "Inspirational sister" Song Tianjiao had stubborn vitiligo on her face, but she did not yield to the fate, her efforts paid out finally. Not only the facial white spots completely recovered,but also she successfully admitted to minnan university psychology for graduate studying. She is about to start a new life journey.We believe that she would be very glorious in the future, best wishes for her!

    Song Tianjiao

  • Tajik vitiligo girl realizes the beautiful wish

    14-year-old You Kemu's father died early, and her mother was seriously ill and lost her ability to work. She lived with her grandmother, and usually helped her husband's sister-in-law. The family was already unfortunate, You Kemu suffered from vitiligo again. Because she had no money to cure the disease, the leukoplakia quickly spread to her entire left face and head. The condition became more and more serious. This disfiguring disease is tantamount to a fatal blow .

    You Kemu

  • Vitiligo college students cured the disease and found a job

    Zhao Lei, 24, was a college student at North China University of Science and Technology. During his freshman year, his face suffered from vitiligo. According to experts from the Huahai Vitiligo Hospital, Zhao Lei's grandma also suffers from vitiligo, and his disease is inherited from generation to generation. When receiving treatment from Huahai, Zhao Lei's medical history has been nearly 4 years. After repeated treatments, the condition is very difficult to cure.

    Zhao Lei

  • Vitiligo children stubborn illness cured

    9-year-old Zhang Guohao, in July 2011, developed vitiligo on the right side of his forehead and right side of his head. This lateral type of vitiligo is abnormally difficult to treat. Due to untimely and irregular treatment, the leukoplakia quickly spreads. After getting sick, many parents in the village mistakenly thought they were infected and would not let their children play with him again. He has since become inferior and talkative. On August 22, 2013, Xiao Guohao received the rescue treatment of the "Beautiful Smile Qiluxing" charity event. After two courses of treatment in Huahai Vitiligo Hospital, he was completely cured.

    Zhang Guohao

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