Cascular replenishment wine does not cure vitiligo, but almost destroyed

Date:2023-12-16 Hit:91

Hello everyone, I am a dermatologist Wang Jiangmei. Pharmaceutical treatment of vitiligo is single, lacks scientific basis, and has an inaccurate effect. Not only will it not cure the disease, but it may even stimulate the development of white spots.

In the spring of 2012, Ms. Li from Yantai, the right side of the right side of the egg -sized white spots. She heard that pyrone -pystone -made foam wine can cure vitiligo, so she couldn't wait to try it. As a result, a week later, the entire right side appeared on the right side of the right side. The redness and itching not only did not have any effect at all, but also almost destroyed. Later, she did not dare to use the remedies to go to Yantai, Qingdao, Jinan and other hospitals for treatment, which was also very effective.

In June 2013, she came to Huahai. We did a comprehensive test of Chinese medicine for her. The new technologies of "black and white Tongzhi" were used to formulate a personalized plan. For more than 20 days, the facial white spots appeared obvious in -edge collection. One The treatment of white spots has restored the normal skin color. Pay attention to me and learn more cases of vitiligo.

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