Chang Hong Shun

Date:2020-06-06 Hit:2405


[Expert profile]

Chang Hongshun, practicing physician. He is currently the director of the inpatient department of the Chinese Traditional Medicine Vitiligo Clinical Hospital, the director of the inpatient department of the Huahai Vitiligo Hospital, and a member of the expert group of the key specialist collaboration unit of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine. He studied in Shandong Dermatology Hospital and is one of the outstanding young experts in China.

【Field expertise】

He has been engaged in clinical research and treatment for 15 years, and is particularly good at the treatment of difficult vitiligo with external treatment of traditional Chinese medicine and vitiligo associated with mental diseases. He advocates cooperating with dietary conditioning and reasonable exercise. The clinical effect is remarkable. He has been devoted to the systematic research and clinical diagnosis and treatment of vitiligo for a long time, and has made intensive research and clinical summary for generalized leukoplakia, and has achieved remarkable results. In addition to helping patients effectively remove skin leukoplakia through standardized diagnosis and treatment, they also have in-depth research on the negative psychological problems caused by vitiligo to patients, and advocate psychological intervention and regulation while carrying out medical treatment for patients. He carried out medical humanistic care and psychological care, and was hailed as "a doctor with temperature" by patients and family members.

【Research achievements】

He has undertaken a number of scientific research projects including the National Torch Plan and Provincial Science and Technology Research Program. Participated in the completion of 6 national and provincial scientific research projects, published 11 academic papers in core medical journals at home and abroad, and participated in the publication of "New Vitiligo", "Vitiligo Research", "Vitiligo Treatment" and other academic monographs.

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