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vitiligo causes

Decorate pollution can cause vitiligo,why?
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    Because of vitiligo is a very stubborn skin, not only the treatment process is slow and easy to break out repeatedly, the physical and mental health of patients bring harm. Therefore, patients with vitiligo medicine pay more attention to the daily prevention health care work. So, decorate pollution why can cause vitiligo?
   Huahai vitiligo hospital experts say: the induced vitiligo many factors, of which there is pollution hidden trouble, because decorate houses to use a lot of materials, and many are not natural material, some harmful gas, radiation, can cause to the body the influence of different level, of course, can also lead to more serious consequences.
Now the building decorates pollution, describing it as "the third pollution or indoor killer". Decorate material contains formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene, etc. Series of things, including floor tile, marble also contains radioactive substances, can cause the human eye, skin, nerve, respiratory and digestive system etc multiple organ damage. In recent years, countries have introduced about decorate material standard files to regulate building decoration. The study found that, some poison absorbed by inhibiting the body, some of the enzyme activity and make the melanin cell synthesis obstacles, are also likely to melanin cells directly cause damage, therefore, decorate pollution is the root of the pathogenesis of vitiligo, we are in a new house, need to shift to an earlier date for ventilation, want discreet choice to decorate material.
    Above is about "decorate pollution why can cause vitiligo" related introduction, huahai vitiligo hospital experts warm remind: if found signs of a white spot, please promptly to the normal medical institutions, so as not to miss a best treatment time, delay the illness. If you want to learn more vitiligo treatment and prevention knowledge, please contact us. Our medical hotline is 400-6567-178.

Spécialistes du vitiligo
Spécialistes du Cheng Aihua
Cheng Aihua, femme, originaire de Zouping dans la province de Shandong, diplômé de l’Université de Médecine Traditionnelle Chinoise de Beijing, titre de fonction d'assistante de recherche, député de Binzhou, chargée de l’association jiusan Binzhou, deuxième présidente du comité national de travail de l'hôpital privé de la médecine chinoise, consultante experte enregistré

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Vitiligo questions fréquentes
What is "BWCT"?
     “BWCT” means black and white cured together. The new technology of vitiligo "BWCT" , is the state administration of traditional Chinese medicine(TCM) promotion project, is the national torch plan projects; The technology according to the new theory of "black and white are disease, black and white cured togeth...
what method you use to cure me ?
 BWCT. The treatment of vitiligo new technologies includes the six treatment system, are as follows: The detoxification exorcism eliminate the cause; Balance of negative and positive, control and development; Activation function, melanocyte regeneration; Integration of exogenous cells and recycling; Two-way adjustment, black and white return beauty. ...
Can be cured? How long can cure?
  Our hospital has been built for 20 years, the recovery has been nearly 100,000 patients, more than 100 countries patients come to our hospital and received treatment. Generally, 2-3treatment can be cured, a treatment is three months. However, this is vary from one person to person. And time of vitiligo, size, type, patients cooperation with treatme...

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