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National treatment of vitiligo new technology national promotion
Date£º2013-01-08 Hit£º1945

"BWCT" treatment of vitiligo new technical achievements press conference

Huahai vitiligo hospital dean ChengAiHua deliver lectures

Former vice chairman of the CPPCC national SunFuLing announced to the new technology promotion start

Deputy director of the state administration of traditional Chinese medicine WuGang and ChengAiHua dean group photo

the state administration of traditional Chinese medicine

    On October 25, 2009, "BWCT" treatment of vitiligo new technical achievements news conference sponsored by the China traditional Chinese medical science and technology development communication center , was successfully held in Beijing's great hall of the people . Former vice chairman of the CPPCC national committee SunFuLing comrade announced that "BWCT" treatment of vitiligo new technology promotion and the formal start speaking. There are more than 200 people took part in the meeting. In the conference, the experts give "BWCT" treatment of vitiligo to the full affirmation. Deputy director of the state administration of traditional Chinese medicine WuGang said: this activity will promote the application of traditional Chinese medicine scientific research technology, and give full play to the superiority of TCM, the better service in the harmonious society. With the "BWCT" treatment of vitiligo new technology national promotion, will the advantages of traditional Chinese medicine treatment of vitiligo car    ry forward. He encouraged huahai vitiligo hospital to stand in a line vitiligo treatment, through the "BWCT" treatment of vitiligo new technology, let more people with vitiligo to get rid of the trouble, the harvest more beautiful tomorrow.
    Huahai vitiligo hospital adhering to the traditional Chinese medical theory, combined with modern medicine, constantly sum up vitiligo clinical practice experience, the pathogenesis of vitiligo, a systematic analysis and study of the use of "black and white syndrome" new techniques for the treatment of vitiligo, a major breakthrough. Through the biology, genetics, immunology and multidisciplinary further scientific research shows that this technique can activate the tyrosinase activity, regulate immune system, improve microcirculation, promoting melanocyte adhesion and migration and melanin synthesis; Clinical observation showed that this technology has quick effect, short course and cure rate higher characteristic, the expert evaluation, curative effect of domestic leading level.
    "BWCT" new technology treating vitiligo by the Chinese traditional Chinese medical science and technology development communication center, we are facing the formal approval of the promotion.. Hope to be able to provide for the majority of patients with scientific, economic and effective rehabilitation ways, to benefit the people.

Vitiligo experts
The director Cheng Aihua
Cheng Aihua is a female expert and researcher graduated from Beijing University of Chinese Medicine devoting herself to pathology of vitiligo.She founded Huahai vitiligo institution and became a representative of the National People¡¯s Congress for the enormous contributions to the state. She has ranked the top 10 best presidents of hospital in the state and been awarded many honors,the best TCM hospitals of the state,the most prominent female entrepreneur of the state,Chinese superior inventive entrepreneur and the most dedicatory TCM practitioner. ¡°Pulmonary-renal-disorder Targeted Therapy¡± is invented by a scientific research team under the leadership of Cheng Aihua with a lot of efforts, and obtains nine patents as a cutting-edge medical technology in the world.It is the first and only vitiligo treatment that the government has prompted and spread since the foundation of the people¡¯s republic of China. She applied herself to the treatment and research of vitiligo for over 20 years with 15 relevant publications , Vitiligo Treatment , Vitiligo New Theory , Research of Vitiligo , etc ., and more than 300 treatises. Since 2000,medical and research organizations in more than 10 countries have sent invitations for her to give speeches and see the local patients,and thousands of patients from 118 countries has been treated.The medias has named her-the first Chinese physician who can defeat vitiligo.

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Vitilig FAQs
How to Treat Vitiligo on Hands
 Vitiligo is a disease will occurrence to anyone at anytime regardless of age and gender. It is not and infectious disease will not pass to others but because it is a skin disease will suffered some score and exclude by others, cause much damage to the physical and mental health of the vitiligo patients. Moreover, vitiligo is hard to treat than other...
White spots on skin
 White spots on skin is the main symptom of vitiligo.However,not allwhite spots on skin are vitiligo.How can we know if  white spots on skin is vitiligo?Now Huahaivitiligo hospital teach you how to know. 1.       symptoms The symptoms of early stage vitiligo is localwhite spots on skin .The color of white skin bec...
Types of vitiligo from Huahai vitiligo hospital
Scientists separate vitiligo into two types: non-segmental, and segmental vitiligo. Non-segmental vitiligo Non-segmental vitiligo is the most common type of vitiligo. Non-segmental vitiligo is the most common type of vitiligo and occurs in up to 90% of people who have the disorder. In non-segmental vitiligo, the patches often appear equally on both ...

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