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Huahai vitiligo hospital "black and white syndrome" new technology famous in the world
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The United Nations world peace foundation  gave nameboards base site of diagnosis and treatment of vitiligo 

   November 15, 2011, the United Nations agencies worldwide through investigation and selection, finally decided to make the world only vitiligo treatment research demonstration base is located in China. Huahai vitiligo hospital with solid scientific research strength and consummate diagnosis and treatment technology, beckoning get approved. The most authoritative set vitiligo research, treatment, prevention and nursing, consulting services in a scientific platform born. The development of nearly twenty years, the treatment of patients with more than 100000 people, more than 100 countries around the world range, in the field of treatment of abilities to be a miracle.

> > > great love spirit cast cut "white magic" swords

    Vitiligo is a disfigurement disorder, belong to the world, the world nearly patients with abilities, and the incidence of a disease is rising year by year. The disease is perfunctory, but to cause serious trauma patients, and then influence the life, career, marriage and social, become a danger to human health and social harmonious major disease.
    Homeopathy, positioning research medical institutions, the construction of the international most advanced vitiligo hi-tech development and clinical rehabilitation base, conquer the symptom that relieve patients suffering, and this became the location of education. As the founding of a new generation of Chinese medicine, 1994, ChengAiHua dean was established in binzhou vitiligo institute (huahai vitiligo hospital predecessor), the official to "white magic" declaration of war.
    When are the early market economy, the state of private medical institutions of scientific research support policy is not perfect, the lack of funds, lack of space, lack of equipment, there are only 200 yuan rented a small bungalow, and the people around them cool detachment and don't understand. In the face of difficulties, ChengAiHua no discouraged, when she heard that flower girl vitiligo illness suicide, a young boy with vitiligo can't find the object, how many couples are "white magic" heartless disassembled, broken families, more strengthened her choice. Open the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years, but master vitiligo; As a person has medical skill, but can't afford to shoulder the responsibility of the health protection of the standard, and that's the biggest disgrace.
    By the spirit of love into love huada inspiration, and constantly have professional to join her colleagues. They best energy mining traditional Chinese medicine, back to the ancient times the "yellow emperor", "compendium of materia medica", "the pathogenic syndrome theory" and other medical books, study the pathogenesis of vitiligo ancient understanding and treatment of herbs, and combined with the modern medical science and technology, the pathogenesis and treatment of vitiligo principle from the source to explore. Shandong university of TCM in cooperation, ChengAiHua made a lot of scientific experiments, only do notes and experimental record have millions of words. After more than ten years' research, creative colleagues put forward "black and white, black and white with disease pathogenesis" new theory, developed with independent intellectual property rights of the "black and white syndrome" vitiligo new technology. Once the results come out, cause a great medicine, new theory for the treatment of vit    viligo bring a science, the new technology to break the vitiligo incurable myth, to cut in addition to "white magic" laid the foundation of science and technology.

> > > the core technology to become the world Dian field for wonder

    "Black and white pathogenesis is the continuous improvement of the theory research, technology, gradually formed to eliminate the cause and control development, melanine regeneration, cell reengineering, black and white to beauty five scientific system, in view of the overall design personalized patient treatment. Not only can thoroughly solve the patients to "cure, convenient" demand, but also has quick effect, short course, cure rate is high, the green safety, does not have a relapse, etc advantages, curative effect of the domestic and foreign leading level.
    The American businessman method hud, because the job pressure with vitiligo. Western medicine to treat the disease, his white spot continuous diffusion, career and marriage are faced with "white terror". He ran 6 countries, read and a doctor, the results did not get it. After the China business partner introduction, came to huahai treatment, less than two treatments method ha DE face, body blaze fully recovered.
    The French girl card Tina, before marry had vitiligo, although around treatment, can white spot but constantly diffusion. Her boyfriend abandoned her away, card Tina be overwhelmed with sorrow, attempted suicide by his family save. Then the father in a field method for scientific and cultural exchange activities to understand the advantage of traditional Chinese medicine to Dian, hence take my daughter to come to China to find huahai. Treatment of half a year, card Tina recovered.
    Patients with India, puah, British patients Jackson, including China LiGuoSheng in gansu, rehabilitation voluntary become vitiligo new technology promotion volunteer; The poor boy NiuChuanMing ZaoZhuang vitiligo, become attached to education, not only receive free treatment, more round his mother to built a new house wish...
    After nearly twenty years, huahai has been developed into a collection technology development, ZhuanBing medical, global service in a body, the distinct characteristic of traditional Chinese medicine treatment of vitiligo international professional organization. Set up the first provincial institute of vitiligo, boasts the largest vitiligo research laboratory, fixed assets and brand value over hundred million. The ministry of health, the ministry of civil affairs and has been awarded as national outstanding medical institutions of traditional Chinese medicine, the national advanced

> > > folk organization, the national top ten vitiligo hospitals honor.

    "Black and white syndrome" new technology also has been included in the shandong province science and technology project plan, the state high-tech torch plan projects, and be included in the national non-material cultural heritage protection, has been successfully treated patients more than 100000 people, scope of services in more than 100 countries in the world. On October 25, 2009, the national Chinese medicine departments will "black and white syndrome" new technology into the vitiligo only state-level promotion project, through the government behavior, supervise the implementation plan, and promote the development of Chinese medicine industry developing whole vitiligo.
    Because the traditional Chinese medicine Dian field for a wide range of influence, huahai subordinate organization by the United Nations to establish world peace foundation for the establishment of vitiligo industry demonstration base object. The United Nations world peace foundation is the main social and medical organization, and one remove human disease, benefit the human health, the foundation unceasingly in the world mining and selection medical green high and new technology, through the establishment of model base, to promote international medical new cutting-edge technology and promote disease prevention and health care project communication and cooperation. Huahai vitiligo hospital finally with the core technology advantage through the strict audit,

Vitiligo experts
The director Cheng Aihua
Cheng Aihua is a female expert and researcher graduated from Beijing University of Chinese Medicine devoting herself to pathology of vitiligo.She founded Huahai vitiligo institution and became a representative of the National People¡¯s Congress for the enormous contributions to the state. She has ranked the top 10 best presidents of hospital in the state and been awarded many honors,the best TCM hospitals of the state,the most prominent female entrepreneur of the state,Chinese superior inventive entrepreneur and the most dedicatory TCM practitioner. ¡°Pulmonary-renal-disorder Targeted Therapy¡± is invented by a scientific research team under the leadership of Cheng Aihua with a lot of efforts, and obtains nine patents as a cutting-edge medical technology in the world.It is the first and only vitiligo treatment that the government has prompted and spread since the foundation of the people¡¯s republic of China. She applied herself to the treatment and research of vitiligo for over 20 years with 15 relevant publications , Vitiligo Treatment , Vitiligo New Theory , Research of Vitiligo , etc ., and more than 300 treatises. Since 2000,medical and research organizations in more than 10 countries have sent invitations for her to give speeches and see the local patients,and thousands of patients from 118 countries has been treated.The medias has named her-the first Chinese physician who can defeat vitiligo.

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