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Free cure FAQs

1.What is vitiligo free trail?
    "Not a flower to treat unjustly money, response to treatment" for thoroughly dispel vitiligo patients before treatment, all doubt for vitiligo patients experience magical curative effect, true "zero risk" treatment, huahai vitiligo hospital's launch of the "free trial" activities, vitiligo patients personally fr...[more...]
2.How to apply the activity of free trial?
    Vitiligo "free trail" activity application process is as follows: the first step: an LiuHuaHai vitiligo designated hospital website; The second step: detailed fill in registration vitiligo patients I basic information and submit success; Step 3: vitiligo huahai hospital staff review registration information; Step 4: huahai vitiligo...[more...]
3.What contents does "Free trail" include?
    Vitiligo "free trail" content including: from the registration fee, expenses for medicine, treatment, bed fee, nurse and by huahai vitiligo patients with vitiligo hospital experts according to the different condition of vitiligo patients to provide your own personalized whole vitiligo cure plan a.[more...]
4.Do all patients with vitiligo can apply for free trail?
    Because the domestic application "free trail" activities of the patients with vitiligo friend more, huahai vitiligo patients with vitiligo hospital according to the site registered details, only a month for vitiligo patients with first visit, the first 100 give vitiligo "free trail" opportunities; But for all the internat...[more...]
5.How long free treatment for
    Huahai vitiligo hospital "black and white stagnation" vitiligo treatment new technology, is the national torch plan project, has been included in the national promotion, this technology effective rate was 98.5%, the cure rate was 84.2%, general 1-4 days have effect, 1-2 a treatment or so to cure. So "free try to" the acti...[more...]

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Expert Cheng Aihua
Cheng Aihua ,female, researcher, who graduated from Beijing university of Chinese medicine .she is famous Chinese medicine .she is famous Chinese expert in studing vitiligo and is the director of Huahai vitiligo hospital. She is representative of peoples congress and outstanding contribution expert to our country.

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Häufig gestellte Fragen von Vitiligo
What is "BWCT"?
     “BWCT” means black and white cured together. The new technology of vitiligo "BWCT" , is the state administration of traditional Chinese medicine(TCM) promotion project, is the national torch plan projects; The technology according to the new theory of "black and white are disease, black and white cured togeth...
what method you use to cure me ?
 BWCT. The treatment of vitiligo new technologies includes the six treatment system, are as follows: The detoxification exorcism eliminate the cause; Balance of negative and positive, control and development; Activation function, melanocyte regeneration; Integration of exogenous cells and recycling; Two-way adjustment, black and white return beauty. ...
Can be cured? How long can cure?
  Our hospital has been built for 20 years, the recovery has been nearly 100,000 patients, more than 100 countries patients come to our hospital and received treatment. Generally, 2-3treatment can be cured, a treatment is three months. However, this is vary from one person to person. And time of vitiligo, size, type, patients cooperation with treatme...


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